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    Implement Range of Number in a Check box

      I would like to know how can I implement a checkbox of range of number, something like the one below:

      My table for this incidents is based on the following:


      In the document I will have a selection for quarter as well


      What I would like to do is to display the data based on the selected Incidents and Quarters, for example


      1. If the user select an Incidents = 0 , and Quarter = Q1 then it should return  records 1 (James Owen) and 2 (Richard King)

      2. If the user select an Incidents = 0, and Quarter = Q1 and Q2, it should return record 6 (Richard King), James Owen will no longer be included in the results since the sum of Incident is greater than 0)


      I will appreciate any guidance and/or assistance.


      Thank you so much.

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          Sergey Pokasov



          Just add to your table field based on values of Incident in script




          if(Incident=0,'0',if(Incident<=3,'1-3',if(Incident<=15,'4-15','>5')))  as Incidents




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            Marcus Sommer

            I think you need for this a listbox with an expression like this:


            if(aggr(sum(Incident), Name, Quarter) =0, dual('0', 1),

            if(aggr(sum(Incident), Name, Quarter) <=3, dual('1-3', 2),

            if(aggr(sum(Incident), Name, Quarter) <=15,dual('4-15', 4),dual('>5', 3))))


            If you equally bucket-sizes you could use class() instead of the if-loops and if you could clear determine the min/max results from your expression it might be more suitable to use a pick(match()) instead of the if-loops.


            - Marcus