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    Sorting within a dimension in a pivot table.

    Aman Jain



      I am trying to use a sorting function but due to the logic its unable to perform.

      I will explain through a example.

      Suppose I have two dimensions : Product Family and Customer.

      Each product family have different customers. Customers in different product families could be the same.

      Eg: Product Family : ABC,  XYZ

      Customer : Ford , Nissan

      Measure : Sum (Revenue)


      I create a pivot table which has Primary Sorting for Product Family by Revenue(descending order). The seconday sorting is for Customer again by Revenue(descending order).

      Product Family    Customer     Revenue

      ABC                      Ford            $ 100

                                   Nissan        $ 200

      XYZ                      Ford            $200

                                   Nissan         $10


      Total of ABC =$ 300, XYZ = $210.

      So the sorting is Ok.


      But what i want is that Ford and Nissan should also rearrange themselves in descending order in their product families.

      According to the logic, it sums up the revenue for Ford =$300, Nissan=$210 and that is why Ford always appears above Nissan in product families.

      How could we accomplish this task ??

      So that in ABC the order is Nissan, then Ford. Xyz has the order Ford then Nissan.