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    Authenticating with QlikSense server from a web application

    Lee Curtis



      Looking for some advice as I've found the QlikSense server documentation very confusing around authentication.


      I have an AngularJS app, hosted on Tomcat on Windows, which users log in to via the initial login page. I was instructed by Qlik to look on Qlik Branch to get some Java code that would obtain a Qlik ticket to use for authentication against the QlikSense server. This works fine, and the ticket is returned to my app.


      This isn't enough apparently to authenticate with Qlik Sense. I was instructed to create then hit a static html file on the Qlik server itself, passing the ticket in the URL, and redirecting back to my app.


      My issue is that this seems a very clunky process - Both having to use bespoke code and then hit a URL with a redirect, which is causing me issues as the web app is hosted on Tomcat (HTTP) and QlikSense on another web server (HTTPS) causing certificate and cross-site issues.


      Does anyone know a cleaner or easier way to authenticate, especially replacing or doing away with the URL/redirect part. I've heard mention that when including a Qlik App via the single configurator the ticket can be appended to the URL, but I've not seen this documented anywhere.


      Thanks in advance,