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    If Match Statement

    Lauren Mills



      1 - Can I write an If(Match) statement as a Maser Item?


      2. If yes - then what am I doing wrong with expression -

        - if(match({<transcript_status_code={"A","X"}, category ={'Skill Area 01/08 }>}), employee_first_name&' '&employee_last_name)


      3. If no - what are my other options? Just writing it in the script?

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          Sunny Talwar

          I guess you are combining If and set analysis... try like this


          If(Match(transcript_status_code, 'A', 'X') and category = 'Skill Area 01/08', employee_first_name&' '&employee_last_name)

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              Lauren Mills

              I'm trying to make a Maser Item (Dimension) that will be a drilldown.


              One Field I have (Work_Name)

              The Second will be only the name of the Employee whom has the A or X Transcript Status for the Category.



              But this doesn't work.


              It's giving me the count but not the detail. Below is what I am applying to the drill - down in the chart.


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              Lauren Mills

              So I have come to find out that the If Match statement I am trying to write within the Dashboard won't work. I believe I need to write it in the script. Here's my problem -


              I have 5 SQL statements. I save them all to a QVD file and then I "drop" the table.

              Then at the end I do an Inner Join on all 5 tables.


              I want to create IF Match statements somewhere in there... I just don't know where or how I would do it. The Statements I need to create have fields from multiple SQL within the app.


              See example.


              The 5 Circled are my SQL Statements -


              At the bottom of each is where I store the SQL to a QVD. See below.

              Then I have my Inner Joins for the QVD files.



              I want to create another SECTION to where I can write Conditions (IF Match) statements that could potentially have fields from multiple sections in one IF Match.


              Any and all help on how to do this would be great.