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    CYMTD vs PYMTD in one single measure

    Глеб Аитов



      I want to build PIVOT table using following data:




      Rows: Measures

      Columns: MonthYear

      Measures: [Revenue]


      When I choose Month and Year on the filter pane, I want the PIVOT to show me [Revenue] for:

      • CYMTD in the first column
      • PYMTD in the second column
      • Difference in the third column

      Let's say I chose MARCH and 2017. There are only 7 days with the data, the [Revenue] measure would be calculated for 1-7 days of March in 2017 vs 2016, and the difference.


      So far, I was only able to create two different [Revenue] measures for CY and PY, but this does not work for me.