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    personel eddition issue

    Sagara Perera

      Dear ALL

      i use personnel edition of Qlick View i have a problem, create a file of licence version qlick view i can not open it. please help me. and can i help update my personnel edition to licence version.



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          Devarasu R



          Personal edition cannot open a document saved by a licensed QlikView client,

          If you have Qlikview Server you can lease license from that.  This is the limitation of personal edition Qlikview Desktop.




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            Beck Bakytbek

            Hi sagara,


            if you want to solve your problem by sharing your app, try this in Qlik Sense, you can show your problem in Qlik Sense, a big advantage is, you can share your app without any licenses


            i hope that helps


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              andy whitfield

              All you need to know:


              QlikView Personal Edition

              With QlikView Personal Edition, QlikTech offers a free version of QlikView for personal use. It is meant for

              individuals, students or small start-ups. QlikView Personal Edition is the full QlikView Desktop product and

              uses the same installation package. The only difference is that QlikView Personal Edition runs without a

              license key.

              If at any point you or your organization decides to acquire a full QlikView license, this Personal Edition

              installation will automatically become a full QlikView Desktop without requiring any additional software

              and without any changes to your QlikView documents.


              There are no limitations in terms of time or functionality in QlikView Personal Edition, however there are a

              few aspects to observe regarding the handling of QlikView documents. In QlikView Personal Edition, every

              document is saved with a user key that binds that file to the computer it is created on. This implies:

              l QlikView Personal Edition can only open files created using that particular copy of QlikView. This

              means, with QlikView Personal Edition you cannot use your QlikView documents on different computers,

              you cannot share your QlikView documents with another unregistered user, or open a Qlik-

              View document from another user (exempted are documents specially prepared for personal use by

              QlikTech). However, documents created in QlikView Personal Edition can be used with a licensed

              copy of QlikView desktop and they can also be published on a QlikView Server.

              l You cannot import an entire document layout (sheets/objects/security settings, etc. in XML format,

              without the data) into QlikView Personal Edition.

              Should you change computers, you will not be able to open your previously created documents with Qlik-

              View Personal Edition. In this case, you can choose to recover your files. Recovering files means a new user

              key is generated, assigned to the old document and used for all subsequent files, not only for that particular

              file. After recovering a file, you can no longer use it on the computer that you created it in.

              QlikView will accept 4 user key changes in a document. After that, you will get the error message “Key

              length has reached its maximum” and the document will not open any more. The only possibility is to recreate

              it from scratch.

              Therefore, you should not recover QlikView documents that you did not create (from a forum or from a colleague,

              etc.). Doing so will use one of your remaining recovery attempts.

              As a user of QlikView Personal edition you can upgrade the software to a newer version at any time and continue

              working with your documents. New versions may be downloaded on the QlikView download page and

              installed on the existing computer.


              If you have exhausted your recovery attempts, downloading a new version or downloading the same version

              again will not reset the counter.

              Users of QlikView Personal Edition do not qualify for telephone or e-mail support from QlikTech, but they

              can gain excellent QlikView support through our active user community, QlikCommunity. All of the content

              is accessible to our members, but you must register to post questions in the forum, download files or sign

              up for training. The Share QlikViews section of QlikCommunity hosts over countless QlikView applications

              that have helped our members learn about new, different and even fun uses of QlikView. All these

              applications have been prepared for use in QlikView Personal Edition.

              One of the best ways to learn about the capabilities of QlikView is through the QlikView Tutorial, which

              provides helpful hints like expression examples, code blocks and design advice. The Tutorial and the corresponding

              files can be downloaded on the QlikView download page. These documents are also adapted for

              QlikView Personal Edition.