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    Set analysis possible values

    Simon Brulotte


      have a set analysis in which I thought would be simple that looks in accounting transactions:

      sum({1< [Name]=p(Name), Financial_Year=p(Financial_Year), Financial_period = {'<=$(vPeriodefinanciere)'}>}(Amount))



      I have a list box for Financial_Year and a list box for Financial_period (that triggers the variable vPeriodeFinanciere to be the possible value) .


      So this works well without the "Name" set modifyer (ie: I get the whole year aka all the periodes below my chosen one), but alas, I want my user to be able to filter by name in this pivot chart.So I had to add the set modifyer Name = p(Name).

      What happens in my pivot when I add that, is that I get only values that are possible in a selected period, plus all the values that are outside this period but only for the "Names" that exist in this period.


      What am I not understanding about set analysis that I thought I understood for the past 2 years :/

      How do I get allll transactions and still let my user select a single "Name" if he wants.