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    How to limit the number of loaded rows in a straight table

    Dirk Fischer

      Hi Experts,


      this is probably a pure newbie question, but still I need to ask it anyway.


      I have to do an application for investigating serial numbers, which are by nature distinct values. The amount of serial numbers is in the range of 250 million up to 1 billion and they are normally alphanumeric values. For investigating, a straight table (only dimensions) is more than sufficient for doing the investigation, but the amount of data creates the problem.


      If I load the data, the application is in the range of 30 to 80 GB in the memory and the rendering of the table takes verylong. Filtering with the search field just doesn't work, because if finally get your results, the system will not mark them but do very strange things.


      Since I learned, that the renderig is done on client computer, I want to try to limit the number of rows loaded into my table object to 50'0000. I thought I could try this with a parameter of maxrows or limiting the dimension of my table, But the property for limiting the dimensions is locked, so I can't use it.


      Is this property locked, because I don't have a KPI in my table or am I doing something wrong?


      I have seen some discussion, where a setting of default filtering criteria is suggested, but I would prefer if simply limiting the number of loaded datasets was possible.


      If somebody has a suggestion how to solve this problem, I would appreciate it very much.


      Thank you very much for your help.


      Best regards