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    Upgrade Nprinting 17.0 to 17.3.1

    Narender Makhija

      Hi All,


      I have Nprinting version 17.0 installed on my server which has some bug.


      So now I need to upgrade Nprinting version to 17.3.1.


      Please clear my below points:


      1) Should I uninstall the Nprinting version 17.0 and then install 17.3.1 version?

      2) Or I don't need to uninstall Nprinting version 17.0, just install 17.3.1 version means overwrite on 17.0 version?





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          Lech Miszkiewicz


          We have already given you an anser and link to help page regarding this. Below is a help text which clearly states steps and options for an upgrade.


          Have a read mate




          Upgrading Qlik NPrinting

          Upgrading from Qlik NPrinting 17.0 onwards

          From Qlik NPrinting 17.0, an upgrade option is available for both major releases of the software, and for service releases that automatically upgrade Qlik NPrinting. When upgrading, the procedure preserves all data and makes it compatible with the new version of Qlik NPrinting.

          Qlik NPrinting 17.3 has increased the number of supported upgrade paths. It is possible to upgrade to Qlik NPrinting 17.3 from any version of Qlik NPrinting in the 17.2 series. All of the following starting points are supported:

          • 17.2.0
          • 17.2.1
          • 17.2.2
          • 17.2.3

          Starting from Qlik NPrinting 17.2.1, the Qlik NPrinting Server upgrade process removes RabbitMQ and replace it with the Qlik NPrinting Messaging Service. It is not possible to keep RabbitMQ installed on the same computer of Qlik NPrinting Server 17.2.1 or newer also if it is used by other services than Qlik NPrinting.

          Release management

          Two different tracks are available for Qlik NPrinting:

          • Service release track
          • Feature release track

          If the installed version of Qlik NPrinting 17 is on the service release track, you must upgrade to each successive service release, for example, from 17.0.1 to 17.0.2 to 17.0.3 etc. However, if the installed version is the final service release before a feature (point) release, you may upgrade to the feature release directly, for example, from 17.0.5 to 17.1. if 17.0.5 is the final service release

          You must not upgrade from 17.0.5 to 17.2. The previous feature release 17.1 must be installed before upgrading to 17.2 for example.


          You must back up your data before to proceed. Data could become damaged if a problem occurs during upgrading so it will be necessary to restore the repository from the backup. See Backup and restore of a repository.

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            Gerald Schooten

            Hi Narender,


            Take a look here. Upgrading Qlik NPrinting ‒ Qlik NPrinting


            Kind regards,