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    Set Analysis - Two or more values in a variable

    Mohammad Adnan Ansari

      I have the below formula for Invoice count.


      There is a filter bar on the top of the page which has [Year Month] and other filters. If there is no selection in [Year Month]; the below formula shows the information for the current month. (Line No1).


      When there is a selection in [Year Month] let say Jan-2017, the formula shows the value for that month. (Line 2).


      What changes I have to make in the below formula so that it shows data for multple selection in [Month Year] filter. Let say Jan-2017 and Feb-2017 and more.



      If(getselectedcount([Month Year])<1,

      Count({$<[YearMonth No]= ,[Year] = ,[Month No]=,[Month Year]=,[Month]=,[MonthID]= {"$(=((Year(Today()) -1)*12) + Num(Month(Today())))"}>} [Invoice No])


      Count({$<[YearMonth No]= ,[Year] = ,[Month No]=,[MonthID]=,[Month]=,[Month Year]= {"$(=getfieldselections([Month Year]))"}>} [Invoice No])