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    Difference in Month

    Beck Bakytbek

      Hi Folks,


      i have a situation and it does look like (see attached screenshot)


      for instance:


      ID      FromDate           ToDate      Amount      Difference (days)       Amount / Difference

      4       20.03.2017      31.07.2017         272               133                         2,05


      my question are:


      1, how to bild from: Difference (day) = Difference (month) : for examlpe > 133 days = 4 months, and Amount / Difference  from

      2,05 into 68.


      2. how can i bild or implement from Difference (month) in Master Calendar,


      my issue is: if i select instead of 31.07.2017 the date 31.06.2017 i have to show 3 months, and my amount is equal to 90,67

      i want to buil the filter like: Jan,Feb,Mrz,Apr and if i select the Months, i want to show the change of my anount.



      Thanks a lot in advance for your help and suggestions