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    Cumulative Percentage sum of a row obtained by a pivot table in Qlik Sense

    Damiano Uka

      Dear all,


      I have a big issue and I think that what I have to do goes far beyond my competences.


      I have loaded 2 tables in the script, there are other colums but I need only some of them to compute the calculation:






      Production year
      Claim Year


      What I need to do is to compute a cumulative sum of the percentage of defects of a single item ( count(idorder)/quantity), for a supplier;

      more specifically:

      in 2011 I produced and sold a machine;

      In 2011 I received 4 claims (4 id.orders) of representing 2 different items [A and B] (for simplicity 2 claims per item); In 2012 i received 2 claims, regarding  in this case of the 2 different items considered before;


      in 2012 i produced and sold another machine;

      in 2012 i received 1 claim, in 2013 a recieved 2 claims.


      I have in the table (purchased) the yearly quantity purchased of that specific item, for simplicity Production Year is the same of Purchased Year.


      my index should be somthing like this:


      Claim 2011claim 2012claim 2013Purchased
      20114/100 = 4%2/100=2%0%100 (total sum of items)
      100 (total sum of items)


      in a graph they would be represented like this:


      y : cumulative sum

      x : year of claim



      This is what I have to do. In excel is simple but too much time consuming. I don't get something in order to do this in qlik sense.

      Thank you in advance if anyone can help me