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    Section Access for Matrix Authorization

    Kiran V

      Hello Qlikies,


      We have a scenario where we would like to hide some Key figures/Columns for user using OMIT keyword based on matrix. Below is our scenario.


      If a user is performing two different roles in an organization. eg a User U1 is having global sales access (he can see the global sales figures except china) and same user having different role at China (He should see only Gross profit ).


      Is there any workaround where we can OMIT a different columns for same user based on scenario?


      To clarify bit more.


      User U1 who has access India sales should see only Gross Profit of India.

      User U1 who has acces China sales should see not see Gross Profit of China.


      We would like to remove the Gross Profit column when he logs in using OMIT keyword.


      hic Is this possible in Qlik ? Please suggest if there is any workaround.