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    On Demand button missing from Access Point - NPrinting 17

    Kris Markee

      I'm wondering if anyone can give me some hints as to why I cannot see the On Demand button in my qvw app on Access Point.  I have all the following in place:

      • I have QV 12.10 SR 6 with NP
      • On Demand add-on was installed on the QV server
      • my NP service account user is a member of both the QlikView Administrators and QlikView Management API groups on the QV server
      • I have a successful server connection established (metadata has been generated) in the NP web console between NP and my QV app
      • I have the 2 server paths we use to connect to our Access Point added to the trusted origin list in NP web console
      • I have a NP report set up to use the correct app and connection within the NP web console, and have On Demand enabled within that report
      • I have myself listed as a user in the NP web console with admin role, with both my Active Directory domain account listed and On Demand rights enabled
      • I am using Chrome for launching Access Point and the NP web console


      Thanks in advance for the help.