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    Parent/Child Service Request Layout

    Luke Gilligan

      I am dragging information out of our CRM around Service Requests and was wondering if someone could help explain how I might be able to achieve displaying the relationship between Parent/Child Service Requests.


      Current I have a straight table that the SR Number ([SR Number]) and the details of the request ([SR Summary] [SR Date Entered] [SR Date Closed] & [SR Parent])


      SR NumberSR SummarySR Date EnteredSR Date ClosedSR Parent
      100001Maintenance Required20/06/201724/06/2017
      100002Arranged site visit21/06/201721/06/2017100001
      100003Attended site22/06/2017100001
      100004Ordered parts22/06/201723/06/2017100003
      100005Maintenance Completed24/06/201724/06/2017100001


      I would like to be able to display this data in a hierarchy similar to this, basically showing the child SR's underneath their parent SRs:


      + 100001 - Maintenance Required

      |  - 100002 - Arranged Site Visit

      |  + 100003 - Attended site

           |  100004 - Ordered Parts

      |  -  100005 - Maintenance Completed


      Is this possible at all?