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    Resolve Synthetic Keys

    Alexander Roos



      I'm struggling to figure out how to resolve a synthetic key issue. The context of this issue is that I'm attempting to create a dynamic pivot table with the following selection options as list boxes. I figured out how to achieve the list boxes, but I can't figure out how to populate the dynamic pivot.

      1. Dimension(s):
        • FTE
        • GSO-ON
        • GSO-OFF
        • Budget
        • Objectives
        • Deliverables
      2. Metric(s):
        • Year
        • Maturity State
        • Maturity Index
        • Budget Type
        • Budget Nature
      3. Business Area(s):
        • Dev Ops
        • Prod Ops
        • 3PD
        • TDM


      My main issue is that all of the business areas share the same metrics & dimensions. Thus, my entire table is connected by a number of synthetic keys. Here is the key view after I tried to resolve the issue by qualifying each table. However, that won't resolve my problem because I need to associate each dimension & metric between the 10 business areas.


      Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? Do I need to create a link table, or concatenate the common dimensions & metrics (even though they are shared by all of the business areas)?