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    How to create a box plot ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I want to plot the box plot chart by Brand vs sales.


      I get only one items. on the chart.


      For Brand Core i have 6 items.


      How to make the chart display 6 items ?



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          Aushik Makdoom

          Hello Paul!


          The Box Plot needs a minimum of one dimension and one measure. In your case you have Brand - a clear dimension and then 'Sales' - which is your measure.So Qlik Sense first aggregates the Sales by the 6 Brands and plots a single Box Plot for the six aggregated sales.


          If you want to view a box for each brand then you will need to add another dimension (first dimension) which  depends on how you wish to aggregate your sales.Brand will be your second dimension


          For example I included the 'Year ' field and what is does is it calculates the Sales by Year for each brand and the box plot is plotted for each brand according to its yearly sales values (you may see it by daily sales, monthly sales or at any another level)


          If you wish to look at the box plot for the atomic sales values (ie at each record level ) by brand you will need to include the 'sales' as the first dimension followed by brand and then you will have to include sum(sales) in the measure. (Thus sales is added in both dimension and measure)


          This will give you the box plot based on each sale value by brand. However this can consume large cpu resources if the data is huge.