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    SAP Field interpretation as in Version 5.x

    David Schillinger

      Dear all


      I have updated a QlikView SAP connector from version 5.X to version 6.4


      We now have huge problems because lots of fields are interpreted as text instead of num. Also leading Zeroes are eliminated (as mentioned in the Release notes). I was now trying to get to old field types with the legacy mode parameters, but I had no success.


      Do you know how I need to set the parameters to get all field 1:1 as in the old version? (mixed match, legacy, nulldate, etc.). I would be very thankful if you could provide me a connection string (see my examples below). Casting the fields in the scripts is not an option yet. I want to try it with the parameters. That should be possible from my point of view... Or isn't it?


      The old connection string (v 5.X):

      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPConnector.dll;ASHOST=xxxxxx;SYSNR=01;CLIENT=100;XUserId=xxxxxxx;XPassword=xxxxxxx;";


      The connection string after upgrade (v 6.4):


      "Provider=QvSAPSqlConnector.exe;servertype=0;ASHOST=xxxx;CLIENT=100;SYSNR=01;Timeout=3600;SNC_MODE=false;SNC_QOP=9;advancedProperties=false;ConvRoutine=false;CheckSeparator=false;Nulldate=true;RemoveAllBlanks=false;ReplaceNullvalue=true;Trace=false;MixedMode=false;NulldateLegacy=false;FLTPLegacy=false;TIMSLegacy=false;DataTypeLegacyMode=false;PacketSize=20000;FetchBuffers=99999999;BufferPercentage=10;TimeOutBatch=600;TimeOutFetch=1200;TimeOutStartBatch=2400;BatchJobName=/QTQVC/READ_DATA;SenseVersion=12.10.20400+2017-05-05 15:41:24.HEAD.Component.Version;XUserId=xxxxxxx;XPassword=xxxxxxxxxx;";


      My connection string draft (to get the fields as in Version 5.x):

      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPSqlConnector.exe;servertype=0;ASHOST=xxxxxx;CLIENT=100;SYSNR=01;Nulldate=false;NulldateLegacy=true;MixedMode=1;XUserId=xxxxx;XPassword=xxxxxx;";

      Thanks a lot for your help

      Kind regards


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          Peter Cammaert

          Can you describe what 6.4 values are different from those from a 5.x Connector extract? Are none of them reverting to their former format? And what was the 5.x format in those cases?

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            David Schillinger

            Hi Peter


            Thanks for your answer


            Date fields are now shown as text. Leading zeroes in field are kept. This example is from COBK. All date fields are newly as text. I want to get the fields as in the right picture (please see the columns Text Count and Numeric)



            I used this connection string for the current new extraction:

            CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPSqlConnector.exe;servertype=0;ASHOST=xxxx;CLIENT=100;SYSNR=01;Nulldate=false;RemoveAllBlanks=false;ReplaceNullvalue=false;Trace=false;NulldateLegacy=true;FLTPLegacy=true;TIMSLegacy=true;MixedMode=1;XUserId=xxxx;XPassword=xxxxx;";


            Do you have any idea?


            Kind regards