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    Bug in new Qliksense Version June 2017 expression measure

    Matteo Pietrucci


      after updating Qliksense to the new version: Qliksense June 2017 and reopen app, i noticed that was error in one expression of measure (perfectly work in last version 3.2 ).

      The measure is saved in master Library(measure) with this expression:


      Sum({$<GI_TYPE={'GIVF'},YEAR_MONTH={"$(=concat(distinct YEAR_MONTH,'","'))"}>}GIAC_MED)


      I have solved it (replace red charapter):

      Sum({$<GI_TYPE={'GIVF'},YEAR_MONTH={"$(=concat(distinct YEAR_MONTH,'',''))"}>}GIAC_MED)


      Sum({$<GI_TYPE={'GIVF'},IYEAR_MONTH={$(=chr(39) & Concat(distinct YEAR_MONTH, chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & chr(39))}>}GIAC_MED))


      Is it a bug?

      I must replace this expression for all app?


      Thanks for all and sorry 4 my bad english,



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