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    running sum Load data

    Pedro Lopes

      Hi, all


      I'm tracking some information like views clicks from youtube into database. But this number comes with running sum like:


      id, dim1, views

      1, A, 1000

      2, B, 500

      3, A, 1500

      4, B, 1000



      Do you any way to when i'm load and store this data on qvd have only the gain value? like:


      id, dim1, views

      1, A, X

      2, B, X

      3, A, 500    ...the difference between 1500-1000 (dim1 =A)

      4, B, 500    ...the difference between 1000-500 (dim1 =B)




      I need to store the table like that because on the future analysis i'll need to sum this info by date or by dimension.


      swuehl I see a discussion where you explain something like this. Can you help me please?



      Pedro Lopes