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    how to display  selected yr 0 transactions

    naveen kumar

      Hello Everyone,

                              Can any one help me in  writing a expression for a requirement ,i need to show only those vendors and materials who is having nil transaction in selected year(Zero) and having transaction in selected previous year (expression need to be reflect  dynamically based up on selected year)

      For example

      vendor material  volume  year

      xxx        aaa          0          2017

      xxx        aaa        1234        2017

      xxx        aaa        -1234      2017

      yyy        bbb        100        2017

      xxx        aaa        1000      2016

      if a fiscal year 2017 is selected i need to display this in a table

      vendor    material          selected year volume(2017)            selected previous year volume(2016)

          xxx        aaa                          0  (0+1234-1234=0)                          1000

      vendor yyy has transaction in selected yr so this vendor should not display