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    Copy Table is not working for filtered data in macro and manually

    Waseem Hijazi

      I am writing a macro that exports my pivot table to Excel by copying it and pasting it into a new Excel sheet. When I run the Macro it works on all instances I need, however 1 specific filter causes the macro to fail at the CopyTableToClipboard function without giving an error message as to why. When I right click and copy the Table Data Area and try pasting it in excel manually, it does not work either for this specific filter.

      If I use CopyBitmapToClipboard or the built in send to excel option, both work perfectly fine but for some reason copy table does not.


      Here is the Macro I am using:


      Sub ET


      Set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

      Set XLDoc = XLApp.Workbooks.Add




      ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01").CopyTableToClipboard true


      ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH17").CopyTableToClipboard true





      End Sub


      Here is the failure I get in the case described above.




      I have searched for so long in the forum but could not find a solution to my problem.

      In Layout, I have Copy/Clone checked. Same for Document > Security, all possible options are checked.

      I also do not want to use the normal send to Excel feature as I have additional functionality to implement.


      QlikView 11.20 SR16


      Any ideas on why this is happening?