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    Urgent help on performance issue

    Digvijay Singh

      Need help from experts to get some pointers in resolving performance issue in big qlikview application(problem is specific to this application when accessed from php front end). Here is the issue details.


      1. qvw size  - 1.9 GB ( Used from php based front end, when I open it in server, it works fine.)

      2. No of Rows - 29 M

      3. Qlikview Server Version - 11.2

      4. Server RAM - 96 GB ( Showing 60-70% usage), Available RAM is normally 30 GB

      5. CPU Cores - 24 ( The usage shoots up to 90-100% and stays there for more than 30-40 secs after every click)

      6. Symptoms observed - When I repeat selections, it looks like its not picking object from cache and recalculates it again. Is that the reason CPU usage shoots up everytime. If Yes? then how to identify if its doing paging every time and cache is not enough or something?



      Thanks in advance for any kind of suggestions!!!