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    Force a value

    Antonio Forino

      Hi guys,

      i have my sales table loaded in the followin way:


      - Sales data (TABLE A)

      - concatenation to sales data table (tABLE B)


      then there's a LEFT join to antoher table to retrieve value from another table.



      My goal is to set a value retrieved from a left join, as default only for the data coming from table B


      anyone knows how i can achive this?

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          Andrew Walker

          Hi Antonio,

          Why not perform the left join on Table B and then after that has been done concatenate tables A & B?





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            Antonio Forino

            The left join is needed to retrieve values from table A and B, but just for values coming from table B i would like to keep a default value on just one field. By the way with the left join i also take some others value that needs not to be defaulted.

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                Gysbert Wassenaar

                Perhaps like this:



                LOAD *, 'A' as SourceTable FROM TableA;


                CONCATENATE (tempData)


                LOAD *, 'B' as SourceTable FROM TableB;

                LEFT JOIN (tempData)

                LOAD * FROM TableC;



                LOAD *, If(SourceTable='A', FieldX, 'Default') as FieldY RESIDENT tempData;

                DROP TABLE tempData;

                DROP FIELDS FieldX, SourceTable;

                RENAME FIELD FieldY TO FieldX;