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    changing variable values in the front end to use in the script

    omar bensalem

      Hi all, stalwar1


      I'm using QLIK SENSE (not qlikview)


      I want to do this :


      1) I have a variable : let's call it vTest. It's created in the front end.


      2) I want to have an input box in which I can enter a new commentary and thus edit the value of the vCommentary variable.

      For this, I've used this extension:

      Qlik Branch


      3) Now I'm able to define my new variable and show that I can use it in a table for example; it does change; it's obvious in this table below:


      4) Now I want to stock these 2 variables into 2 fields and store them into an external file:


      '$(vTest)'  as Commentaire,
      '$(vIntervenant)' as Intervenant

      store var into [lib://test/Nouveau document texte.txt]



      This won't work BECAUSE, when I change the variable value using extensions, I does not change here :



      My question is HOW TO DO THIS?

      How to make my change persist? I can see that the variable has changed in my table; but the change is not written within the variable so I can't use it in my script!


      Is there a way to do this?

      modifying a variable value in the front end in a sort an inputBox and use this variable in the script?


      Second question:

      Is it possible to store a table from Qlik Sense into a database table?

      sthing like this:

      store var into [lib://test/Nouveau document texte.txt]


      but in a database not a file?