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    Problem with disappearing users sheets on the server

    Ярослав Бобров

      Hi community,

      I have problem with disappearing users sheets on the server, the objects themselves on server object pane in place, but users old sheets - disappeared, they can see only new sheets.

      Sometimes, when user open file on the server for the first session a day all sheets (old and new) in place, but on the second session old sheets disappeared.

      I Tried:

      - to delete all bookmark from shared file (I see that adviсe on community), but it did not help.

      - to reduce date on .qvw file, it works only fo the first session


      QlikView Server 11.2 sr16

      Size File.qvw - 13,3 Gb
      Size File.shared - 3,4 Gb

      Number of shared objects - 7390