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    WildMatch Not Showing Correct Count (grouping dimension)

    Joe Ski

      I have a text field/column that has multiple values separated by a comma. I have added it in a chart as my dimension. Each row for that field contains data, for example, "Group1,Group 2,Group3,Share 1,Share 2". Each row/column can multiple values (as in the example) or only one value (Group1). When I apply the formula,

             if(WildMatch([Group],'*Group1*','*Group 2*')>0,

             pick(WildMatch([Group],'*Group1*','*Group 2*'),'Group 1','Group 2'),'Other')

      GroupHeader 2
      Group1,Group 2,Group3,Group 4,Share1,Share 2,Share3
      Group 2,Group3,Group 4

      I'm expecting all of the data to be grouped accordingly in the bar chart according to its group I've specified with accurate count. But it seems that only the first value, Group1, has the correct count. All of the other values do not have the correct count.