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    syntax to color text in a calculated column

    Peter Cowan

      Been struggling with this....even though I'm sure the answer is v straightforward...


      I have a straightforward table with a list of calculated %'s

      I have introduced an additional measure that is called Movement and is calculated as follows:

      "Column(2)-Column(7)" . I am now trying to come up with the syntax to make the movement Green if  = > 0 and Red if <0


      For some reason  I cant make it work. Any help appreciated.

      If it is required, the syntax for Column 2 is

      If(Count({<Question={'COMM1','COMM2','COMM3','CL2'}>} Answer)<=19,'X',

      Num((Sum({<Question={'COMM1','COMM2','COMM3','CL2'}>} Answer)/(Count({<Question={'COMM1','COMM2','COMM3','CL2'}>} Answer)*6)),'#,##0%'))

      And for Column 7 is

      If(Count({<Question={'COMM1','COMM2','COMM3','CL2'}>} Answer)<=19,'X',

      Num((Sum({<[Month/Year]={"8/1/2016"}, Question={'COMM1','COMM2','COMM3','CL2'}>} Answer)

      /(Count({<[Month/Year]={"8/1/2016"}, Question={'COMM1','COMM2','COMM3','CL2'}>} Answer)*6)),'#,##0%'))


      Any help appreciated...