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    Calculate Closing Balance and Trend

    zahid Rahim

      Dear Experts,


      I have below data which i want to calculate all on date selected. and also a trend for 2 dates selected.


      Example Data:

      Trdate                        Amount

      01-JAN-2017                     10

      02-JAN-2017                     10

      03-JAN-2017                     10

      04-JAN-2017                     10

      05-JAN-2017                     10

      06-JAN-2017                     10

      07-JAN-2017                     10

      Now if i select 06Jan2017 it should 60 (Sum of all previous records). and if i select 06 and 07-Jan2017 it should show trend:


      06-JAN-2017      60

      07-JAN-2017      70



      Zahid Rahim