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    Qlik Sense Desktop displays partial/trimmed data table names in list when using SnappyData ODBC Driver

    Snappy Sachin



      I am new to Qlik Sense Desktop Application.

      I am trying to use/explore Qlik Sense Desktop with SnappyData Cluster (through SnappyData ODBC Driver).


      I have created ODBC DSN using SnappyData ODBC Driver (supports both 32bit & 64bit versions).

      Then in Qlik Sense Desktop, I created a new App which uses SnappyData ODBC Connection to load the data.

      After successfully creating an ODBC Connection (through ODBC DSN) and loading the list of data tables from SnappyData Cluster, I noticed that all data table names listed are trimmed (i.e partial names are displayed). Eg. AIRLINE is displayed as AIRL, CUSTOMER is displayed as CUSTO, and like wise..


      Can you please help, why is such behavior shown by Qlik Sense Desktop.


      The same ODBC Connection works perfectly fine, if I write custom data script manually to load data using SnappyData ODBC Connection.


      I have used SnappyData ODBC Driver with other tools (Eg.Tableau) to load data and it works perfectly fine.