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    Use MDX cube and retrieve member properties

    Cristina Punga

      Hi everyone,


      I tried to get some data from an MDX cube, which was fine, it worked. But the problem is how to also retrieve member properties as columns when running the code in Qlikview? or VBA, for that matter, since I'm also interested in that and in any other environment apart from SSMS.

      I am able to do this in SQL Server Management Studio with the help of WITH MEMBER clause, but, when I copy this MDX query into Qlikview, it doesn't work because the WITH clause is not recognized in Qlikview. Below is a working example in SSMS that fails in Qlikview:



      MEMBER [Measures].[Total Written If Not Signed Percentage] as [Policy - Section].[Section Reference].Properties( "Total Written If Not Signed Percentage" )




      {[Measures].[Written Or Estimated Premium],[Measures].[Total Written If Not Signed Percentage]}

      ON 0,


        {[Share Type].&[1],[Share Type].&[3]}


      *{[Syndicate].[Syndicate Number].Children}

      *{[TriFocus].[Department]. Children}

      ON 1

      FROM [Red] ;



      Has anyone any tested solution or workaround?


      Thanks a lot in advance!