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    Variable to suffix with a concat function



      Continuing the toggle questions.
      I have data in Celsius. Managed, with help, to create a variable and a button that toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
      Just for fun I wanted to add Kelvin as well-
      It was proposed to me that I in my loading script create a column for each suffix.


      So I'm loading:
      Medeltemp as medeltemp_c,
      1.8*Medeltemp+32 as medeltemp_f,
      Medeltemp+273 as medeltemp_k


      Now I should be able to refer to the columns with a concat function:
      =concat('medeltemp'&vTemp), works like a charm.
      =max(concat('medeltemp'&vTemp)), don't work...