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    Survey: Help us shape the next Power Tools release!

    Stefan Bäckstrand

      Hi all,


      We're gathering feedback on what we need to do with the Power Tools for QlikView suite. We know that the QlikView 12 support is lagging behind, but we will try and address that soon.

      But we need to understand more of what tools you guys are most commonly using and what you need to see more of. This includes feedback for new features, fixes, versions, the need for Qlik Sense tools and other things. Please help us fill out this survey. Your feedback till determine the future direction of the Power Tools suite! It only takes a minute or two.

      Questions will focus on:

      • Which's your most used tool?
      • Do you need tools for Qlik Sense?
      • What feature do you value the most?
      • What features or tools are missing?

      The survey is here: Power Tools for QlikView/Sense - The future

      If you have any more feedback or want to get involved, please get in touch with me directly at either sbn@qlik.com or here at Qlik Community.

      Thank you!