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    How to set color for data in pivot table if there is missing symbols

    Nataliia Skliar

      Hi everyone.

      I need help. There is table with data where some rows are needed to be filled in different colors due to some conditions. And everything is OK till I've moved column "Ouat" into horizontal view.

      Because of empty cells that appears I've loose color filling for the cell with year "2010".

      How can I fix it and return color to "2010" cell ?



      LOAD * INLINE [

          Yr, Quat, Amount

      2011, Q1, 12000,

      2011, Q2, 15800,

      2011, Q3, 1230,

      2011, Q4, 1289,

      2010, Q3, 9000,

      2010, Q4, 125800];

      Color conditions: