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    QvdNoOfRecords in Qlikview 12 - Cannot open file

    Cristian Dorbesi



      We just migrated to QV 12.1 SR8 from Qv11.2 and found that QvdNoOfRecords function doesn't work any more as it use to.

      I know there was a change in how directory reference work for this function, but this is different.

      On QV 11, when a qvd file didn't exist, that function just returned a null value. But now, when the qvd file doesn't exist, it just give an error and the script execution fails. Is this an expected behaviour??

      We could use Filesize to know if the file exist or not, but we also need to know how many rows it has when it exist. Is it real we need to change all QvdNoOfRecords by "FileSize" AND "QvdNoOfRecords"?


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