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    Hypercube callback after every selection

    Thomas Pessato

      Hello all,


      I'm creating a mashup using hypercube.


      I'm trying to use a hypercube to get value 'Year', from a expression using the Qlik Engine. After that, I want to make an automatic selection on the field 'Year'.

      So ok, my hypercube is working and calling my callback function. Then I set my selection on the right field. And it works.

      But I realized that the callback function keeps getting called after every selection made on the mashup. Since my data doesn't change, I don't want it to happen. It's unecessary.



      I managed this issue by:


      1. Placing a flag like:


      var hypercubeDone = false;

      function callback(reply, app) {

              if(hypercube) {



              // do some stuff

              hypercubeDone = true;


      in my JavaScript file.

      But that doesn't solve my problem of calling this method multiple times. So I tried another solution...


      2. Destroying the hypercube after the call:


      But don't know if this is a good practice. So I tried to find another way.




      I don't want this to happen, since it is not necessary. Is there a right way to prevent this?