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    Ignore Dimension-Filter for If Statement in Pivot Table

    Oliver Franz

      Hey there,


      I have an really frustrating problem and hope you might be able to help me.


      The following example does not make much sense, but is a downsized / abstract version of my problem.



      load * inline

      [Dimension1,Dimension2, Value





      Now I create a new sheet with

      • Pivot-Table
        • Row: Dimension1
        • Colum: Dimension2
        • Expression: if(Dimension2 = 'ZZ', 15, Sum({1}Value))
      • Filter
        • Dimension1


      This works great if there is no filter set.


      But is not working anymore as soon as i use a filter.



      I want to have that table completely independent from any filters that are used.


      Do you have any idea of how to achieve this?


      Thanks very much for your help!