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    QSense: How to run an external program in QMC?


      I need to create a task in Qlik Management Console (QMC) that allows me to run an external program.

      In the past,we had done it in QlikView Console:

      QlikView Console screenshot


      We had created a task that execute a .BAT file ( Within this .BAT file there is an instruction to execute a VBScript program to download some files required by QlickView DATA tier)

      Would you mind helping me to figure it out in QlikSense ?

      We haven't found how to create a task to to run an external program.

      QlikSense Console screenshot


      Best regards.


      Ulises Yair Ogaz | Analista Técnico/Desarrollador JDE - SISTEMAS

      Laboratorios Casasco S.A.I.C.