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    Text Color Expression of a pivot with Coloring logics

    Bijoy Bahuleyan




      In my app, I want to set color for my Actual values using "Text Color expression" in a pivot table. In the attached application I want to apply color for Actual scenarios when my Scenario is always having ACT(Actuals). The color for the values denotes a comparison with Actual and Budget values.



      Two types of accounts are there in my application (Revenue and Expense). All Revenue accounts are starting with '101' and all others are expense.




      1. When actual revenue is more than Budget then it should be in Green Color and if actual Revenue is less than Budget then Red color.

      2. When actual expense is more than Budget then it should be in Red color and if actual expense is less than Budget then Green color.



      I used the expression in the Text Color Expression field of pivot for this,but its not giving my expected result.


      Current Result is shown below.


      Current Result.JPG


      Also attaching my expected result below (screenshot from excel)


      Expected Result.JPG


      Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.