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    How to fix circular loop in the data model

    Tauceef Sheikh

      Hello Experts,


      We are preparing a app and are facing issues while preparing the data model for the same.


      Below is the situation we are facing:


      We have 6 tables:


      1. [ComputerHistory]: This table stores all the computer related details and this is a daily load table, i.e we are loading all the computers and related fields on a daily basis to track the historical changes.

      2. [TargetGroupMaster]: This is a Group master table which stores all the groups. A group can have multiple computers in it.

      3. [ComputerTargetGroup]: This table stores the relationship between a Group and a Computer.

      4. [AllPatch]: This table stores all the patch related details.

      5. [ApprovedPatchGroup]: This table stores all the approved patches with Approval Date. A patch gets approved for a target group i.e for all the computers in that target group.

      6. [ComputerwiseUpdateStatus]: This table contains the status of Patch and Computer. Once a Patch gets approved it is installed on all the computers, this table contains the same if a Patch is installed on the computer or if it is Not-Applicable for a computer.


      Attached is the data model of the same.


      Issue we are facing is with respect to TargetGroups, thing is Patch is getting approved for a group but are getting installed on the basis of a Computer which is where we are getting issue and loop is getting formed.


      To resolve the issue what we have done is we have created 2 copies of TargetGroupMaster and joined one with ComputerTargetGroup and other with ApprovedPatchGroup.


      And due to that we have to create 2 filters on the front end (a. PatchGroup and b. ComputerGroup) having same values and to get the actual numbers users have to select the same group from both the filters.


      But users doesn't like this solution and want to have a single filter for Group.


      Looking forward for support to resolve the issue.