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    Missing Table, Sucessful Load

    Mark Foster

      Hey all,


      I am loading in the below table to Qlik Sense using Data Load Editor then using Data Manager to Synchronise Scripts.

      The data successfully loads and is visible and valid in Data Manager preview pane, however none of the fields are visible in edit mode and the table is missing entirely from Data Model Viewer.


      After some troubleshooting I found that If I comment out "Start Date" and "DOB" from the script and re-Synchronise, the remaining fields become visible and the table loads fine.

      I have tried renaming the 2 fields and explicitly defining the date formats in the scripts but makes no difference.


      If I load the script without synchronising; the data loads fine, including Start Date and DOB. If need be I can write my own calendar scripts but I would prefer to find the cause of the issue.


      Any help is appreciated. Not sure if it's a bug with the Nov release?


      Version: Qlik Sense Desktop Nov 17 [11.24.1] and [11.24.3]


          "Employee ID",
          "Payroll Number",
          Date("DOB")   AS DOB,
          Date("Start Date")  AS [Start Date],
          Date("Leaving Date") AS [Leaving Date],
          "Employee Fill %",
          "Job Fill",
          "Years Service",
          "Age Range"
      FROM [lib://Data/Sample.xlsx]
      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);