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    Qlikview AD or DMS authorisation?

    Anita Fuchten

      At this moment we are using the AD for the authorisation in Qlikview.


      We only have one problem at this moment ... we cannot change the AD authorisation ourselves, another departement (ICT) is responsible for AD changes company wide (so also for our Qlikview AD). So if we have changes (new user/document etc) this means we have to ask ICT to make these changes in AD. The problem here is that we often have changes and ICT says its a really big amount of work to change the AD.


      I saw that there is also the possibility to use DMS authorisation in which the Qlikview itself manages the file system of Qlikview ...

      Does anyone have experience with DMS authorisation? Is this easy to use and not a lot of work?


      I also have the question if Qlikview is better of using AD or DMS authorisation?