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    "sheet event trigger" not functioning properly. Any alternatives ?

    nivedita2590 nivedita2590

      Hi All,


      The "sheet event trigger" extension is not working in Qlik Sense as expected. The values get set for a particular sheet only when we close and reopen the app.

      The motive is to set some values in a particular field on opening any sheet, so that data get filtered as per required resources on that particular sheet.

      Is there any one aware of this limitation of "sheet event trigger" ? Are there any other ways to achieve this functionality ?



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          omar bensalem

          What I would do, is using the GitHub - stefanwalther/sense-navigation: Sheet Navigation + Actions for Qlik Sense. extension (which, by the way, is a certified extension)


          This one is really stable and offer good options (I'm always using it):


          To resume what I do,

          I create buttons in each sheet (for navigation);

          each button will be used as a navigation button to open a new sheet + setting up an action (in your/my case, applying bookmarks):


          Here's a scenario:

          Create an Introduction sheet (which contains introductions, KPIs etc..) and buttons to each sheet :

          The button:

          Navigation behaviour: go to specific sheet

          action: apply bookmark (your bookmark would be the fields you want to select)



          This way, when you open your dashboard, you'll first open your introduction page, then click on a button to go to another sheet:

          It will transfer you to the desired sheet and apply your bookmark


          Example: I click on rapport: it will tranfer me to the report sheet and apply bookmark(see the filter pane)




          How to create your bookmark action:


          If you wanna have Year 2017 selected by default for example and timeframe = annuel (as in the image below)


          Create a Bookmark and name it 2017 for exp then call it.

          How to do so?


          Make your selections:



          Then make a bookmark of your current selection as follow:





          Now in the extension button,

          You add an action: apply bookmark and select your bookmark.




          With that, when you'll navigate on a specific sheet when clicking in the button, it will also activate your bookmark and thus you'll find the year 2017 and timeframe annuel selected.


          Hope this helps?

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            Pablo Labbe

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