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    Legend display error in pie charts

      Hi Friends,


      I have a chart object in my application, in which I have given the fast change option to switch the bar chart to pie chart and vise versa. But when the fast change is done from pie chart back to bar chart, the legend is appearing twice. The legends remains unchanged till a cut paste operation of the chart is done or a new chart is created and the previous chart is deleted. But even if we do this, again if the fast change is done from pie to bar, the same issue will come up. Is this a bug in QlikView or is there anything I can do to overcome the same. Please let me know if I am not clear with my points. Also please give me your valuable comments on the same.


      Thanks in advance for all the helps,


        • Legend display error in pie charts
          Kaushik Solanki



               Go to properties -> Expression -> Un check the option Expression as Legend.


               Hope this will help you



          Kaushik Solanki

          • Legend display error in pie charts

            Hi Kaushik,


            Thanks a lot for your suggestions. But actually I want the legends to be there in my chart so that the people seeing the chart will come to know about the dimension used for creating the report. I dont want the legends to be repeating twice when the fast change option is selected. I wanted to know whethere this is a default behavior of QliKView or not and if not how to overcome it. But still the solution given by you is also correct. I can keep this away by hiding the legends.


            Thanks and Regards

            Joseph D Thoppil