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    Refresh the data on opening the QlikView File

      Hi All,


      I have a Qlikview application dashboard that needs to show the data for only the last 6 weeks. I have created all the queries based of system date. The only thing I want to do is whenever an user opens the application the data should reload automatically. How do I do that?




        • Refresh the data on opening the QlikView File



          It is easy. You have to create a macro and launch it when opening the document.


          Go to Tools --> Edit Module, and there add the following code:


          Sub ReloadStuff


          End Sub


          After that, open Settings --> Document Properties, and go to Triggers tab. Select in Document Event Triggers "On Open" and add the External Action "Run Macro", using as Macro Name ReloadStuff.


          This should work

            • Refresh the data on opening the QlikView File



              your solution only works outside of the server. I marked both parameters "Allow macro execution on server" and "allow unsafe macro execution on server" on the Security Tab of the QlikView Server Settings. When I open the document in the AccessPoint, the macro is not executed nor is the file reloaded.


              Is this a feature by design. Is there no way to dynamic reload a file on the server while accessing them through the AccessPoint?



              Thanks in advanced,