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    Problem with expression labels

      Hello everyone,


      I have a data like this it's a world wide customer data of a company

      I'm making a straight table based on customer countries and locations

      I want separate label of country name for each colomm

      When I'm trying to label my customer countries by using a set variable in script it's not showing any error and at the same time it's not giving me any output


      My expression on script side is this


      For a=1 to 40

      Set vcountry $(a) = fieldvalue( 'Country' , $(a));


      When I'm trying to display labels with above variables it's not showing any data

      Like vcountry1 =

      Vcountry2 =


      So can u suggest me any way that I can label my each and every colomn using loops in scripting

      Or is there any wrong in my script .


      Thanking u all