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    Info screen with triggered selection

    Marek Waszczak


      Could you have a look at my app and check what is wrong that triggers not forcing selection on fields?

      I have vSeconds=Num#(time(now(),'ss'))

      Then depended on seconds vShow is changing to 1 or 2 or 3

      There are 3 tabs which are visible based on vShow value  (switching each other and showing only one a time)

      So far it works

      Now the problem is that even though I am using Triggers from Variable Event Trigger

      vShow => OnChange  (select on fields)

      Year => year(max(master_calendar)data))

      Month => month(max(master_calendar_data))

      The selection is not working

      I did the same on OnPostReload – the report will be reloaded every day but after reload app still selection is not done.

      The overall aim is to create info screen which will change the page after some time and keep always the selection on date month and year which shows only the latest year and month available from the data.

      Strange thing is that clear all selection trigger is working but that’s it.

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          Stefan Wühl

          Try to use set identifier 1 instead


          Year => year(max({1} master_calendar)data))

          Month => month(max({1} master_calendar_data))

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              Marek Waszczak

              ok I get it,


              Will try and go back with result



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                  Stefan Wühl

                  So you are saying that the set identifier does not change anything in the observed behaviour?


                  Note that AFAIK, the default set used in your select in field actions is determined by the state before running the actions, so the clear all will not affect  the other select in field actions using default set.


                  Works for me in QV12.1.


                  edit: You should use a Layout - Activate sheet action to activate a sheet

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                      Marek Waszczak

                      each sheet has additional action when OnLeaveSheet ClearAll selection


                      So if we switch manualy by cliking between each table this solution works



                      step 1 - click on screen1

                      step 2 - selection is done for Year (2018) and Month (Jan)

                                - now we can change selection for example that year is 2017 and month May

                      Step 3 - click on screen 2

                      Step 4 - we have are looking now at screen 2 but with triggered selection to 2018 Jan


                      Works ... but once again we still need manually click on the sheets tab.

                      But any selection done within current view will be changed to default ( 2018 Jan) by triggers.


                      I want just skip this part when I have to manually click on the tab.


                      There is a variable vShow which is changing value every 10 sec so when I used vShow to hide/unhide sheets 1,2,3 it is working for this part when I have to show only one screen for 10 sec and then change for another.


                      I am trying to understand how triggers works based on actions.


                      It seems that sheet triggers are not activating when show sheet conditional is in use,


                      So I thought that I can use Variable Event Triggers -> OnChange -> selection


                      it is also not working even that vShow is changing every 10 sec.

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                        Marek Waszczak

                        your file is working !


                        where can i found this Layout - Activate sheet action ?

                        Edit: I have tested your file and is working. I have also found what you have done so now I understand what was missing.

                        Thank you for help !