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    NPrinting November 2017 - Import users , Enabled users & Filters


      Hello everyone,

      I export from QLikview a list of users, fltres and groups. Initialized from 2 QLikview tables.

      I import this file into NPrinting, users, filters and groups are created without problem. Except they are all disabled.

      The paramaters below are calculates as calculated dimensions in my QLikView simpleTable ( Ex : ='VRAI' for Enabled column)


      Enabled             Time Zone               Local

      VRAI                   Europe / Paris          Fr



      In Excel template, I put these 3 columns in standard format.

      I do not know what is the type of column expected by NPrinting?



      Can you help me ? How do you initialize this 3 informations to be correctly interpreted by NPrinting?

      Thank you