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    ODBC connection issue while connecting to Oracle database



      I am connecting to Oracle database server (11g) from QlikView 9.0 using ODBC connection. I have around 10 tables from which i am getting data into QlikView. The size of data is around 10 mb. When i start the reload, the connection is established to Oracle Server and data loading starts, but after loading 3-4 tables the loading stucks in between and does not complete. I disabled the antivirus and tried but still no luck. Sometimes the load completes successfully, but most of the time it stucks after loading few tables. Is this a issue with QlikView ? Please let me know if anyone faced such issue and possible resolution.




        • ODBC connection issue while connecting to Oracle database
          Göran Sander

          I am experiencing similar things when retrieving large amounts of information (tens of millions of rows) accessing a PostgreSQL database, with queries taking +5 mins to complete.


          I never found a solution, my best guess is that we are looking at a timeout issue either in QlikView or in the ODBC drivers themselves.


          My workaround is to incrementally load data from the SQL database, in my case I am loading data for one month at a time into QlikView, looping over all months for which there is data. Works fine, even though you'll have to write some extra script code to set it up.