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    Separating values in field

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all,


      i have the attached excel file that has a field called ITEM, this field contains product codes but it also contains a category name.


      ITEM,                            Description

      Small Animals

      66764                             desc1

      354656                           desc2

      43577                             desc3

      4124235436                   desc4


      4563                               desc5

      23353434                        desc6

      5554645                          desc7

      236                                 desc8




      what i want is to separate the categories and make it a new field instead, so i would have a new field called 'Category' and in this new field i would have 'Small Animals', 'Food' etc. so the resulting table would be as follows


      Category, ITEM, Description

      Small Animals, 66764, desc1

      Small Animals, 354656, desc2

      Small Animals, 43577, desc3

      Small Animals, 4124235436, desc4

      Food, 4563, desc5

      Food, 23353434, desc6

      Food, 554645, desc7

      Food, 236, desc8

      a category would be anything in the ITEM field that has no value in the Description field.

      can anyone help with this please?